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Jenny Samuelson
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Monday 9:00 a.m -5:00 p.m
Wednesday 3:00 p.m -5:00 p.m
Friday 8:00 a.m- Noon

Closed Saturday and Sunday

I am available Monday 9-5 and Friday 8 - Noon to answer all of your questions and ensure you are 100% satisfied. You must be a member to order and you need to have a Michigan Residents to be part of BJ's Cow Boarding to obtain raw milk.
 Thank you for your interest to obtain raw milk, in the State of Michigan you must own or lease your own cow. BJ's Cow Boarding sell herd shares so you can obtain your raw milk from your cow.
You must sign a legal contract directly with BJ's Cow Boarding in Standish to provide you with raw dairy. I ask you to make sure you understand all the risk involved with raw dairy, before signing on with the farm. You the consumer need understand you are in a legal contract with BJ's Cow Boarding to obtain your raw milk, YOU ARE NOT buying raw milk. You will be responsible for ALL cost on any raw dairy ordered. You will agree that you are aware of any and all risks that associated with the use and consumption of raw milk. That all raw milk obtained from you is for your use only and for no other purpose. Before agreeing to the agreement ask yourself why you want raw dairy? We need you to understand that all rules are in place for a reason, you need follow all of the rules implemented. We want loyal and dedicated customers that understand what we do and appreciate the work the farm does and the service I provide to you. We appreciatte all of you for supporting raw dairy! has a raw milk blog we ask to share your reasons for drink raw milk. When picking up your dairy always have ice keep raw milk cold and at a consistent temperature we recommend 35 degrees never over 40 degrees changing the temperature will take freshness from it.
The cost for the herdshare agreement is $45.00 for a year to obtain raw dairy from BJ's Cow Boarding in this agrrement you are entitle to receive up to 5 gallons of milk every week from your herd share, you must remain an active member or your contract will be terminated. I will need a signed contract and payment in full from you, before I can except any milk order. Once I receive the agreement I will call you then you can start ordering with us. If this program or my times for delivery don't work for you then try for more farms that might work for you and get the facts on raw dairy! Always support your local farms they work hard to provide you with nutrient dense food. All delivery times and locations are listed on the site please look over to make sure you can pick up your milk at one the locations. I also have a sample order form on the site on the product page please follow it all orders need a location and delivery date. To keep the cost down we don't do credit cards we like the simple things in life! If you like a contract and understand the risk of raw dairy email me and I will forward you a contract back. Thank you for your interest in raw milk,
We take pride in giving you food we trust.