Woodside Meadows Farm Woodside Meadows Farm

Welcome to Woodside Meadows Farm
Rudy and Amanda Bricker
Deford, Mi

We are a 100% grass fed and pasture dairy implementing organic practice.

We are an Amish farm with 10 children, we are happy to be able to 
provide raw milk to those want to join into a Herd Share agreement. 

We provide a delivery service to the city that Jenny Samuelson handles,
 along with the Herd Share contracts and your orders.

 All delivery locations are listed on the Delivery location page. 
You must be able to pick up your milk from a location listed at the time indicated. 
None of the business lots we use are associated with the farm or the delivery service.

Herd Share are a legal way to obtain raw milk in the State of Michigan. 
We don't sell raw milk you, obtain raw milk from your ownership.

As a member you will sign a legal contract 
understanding the risk of raw milk and your responsibility as a member. 

At this time, we are not accepting any new members.

Check in December 2023 ​for information on joining in 2024.
Pricing for the Herd Share 2024
Yearly Contract is $180.00

Milk is $13.50 a gallon which covers bottling, delivering, boarding and feeding of the cows.

Only thing we are selling is a Herd Share so you can obtain your milk from the Herd.

This is your milk and your responsibility to place orders on time. 
and pick up your order at the delivery location you choose. 
If your milk is not picked up, you are responsible for all cost on what you ordered. 

Raw milk is perishable item.
Please always keep raw milk cold on ice, it is brought to you at 35 degrees,
 keep it at 35 degrees and it will stay fresh the longest for you.

If interested in joining the herd share fill out the request information below.