My Family Co-Op and Hill High Dairy working together 

I am committed to providing you with Raw Dairy and Locally Grown Foods!
This Co-Op belong to
 The Farmer Legal Defense Fund
 Protect our rights to raw dairy!

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Jenny Samuelson
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Hill High Dairy

Andrew Astalos is a Raw Milk Drinker! 
 My Family Co-Op is a proud sponsor of  Andrew and the US Speedskators
Welcome to My Family Co-Op
My Family Co-Op



If you're looking for high quality local foods from Michigan farmers, you've come to the right place. At My Family Co-Op  I'll give you the attention and personal service you'll come to expect and enjoy. I offer a co-op agreement to obtain raw dairy. As a co-op member you will be joining us and leasing a herd of cows from Hill High Dairy owners are Joe and Brenda Golimbieski they are  a Certified Organic Dairy Farm located in Standish, Mi. As a co-op we work together to provide you with raw dairy and local foods. Hill High Dairy is grass fed and pasture base farm they own 215 acres with an addittional 200 they rent to supply plenty green pastures for happy cows! Hill High Dairy has a mixture of dairy cattle and are breed with a A2 bull to provide A2 milk. The co-op also provide meats, eggs, honey and syrup from Michigan local farms. From the farmer to you with 100% love! Knowing the farmer and what we are feeding to our families is what is important to us. I personally have built a relationship with all the farms and butcher shops that supply us. They work hard for us to give us qualty food we trust!
Brian Barber is a member of My Family Co-Op! He took 1st place in his weight division 275 lbs
as a raw milk drinker and drug free!!  Great job Brian and thank you for representing raw dairy proudly!
Eliot and Mia our long time raw milk drinkers!
5 years of drinking raw milk! Mia's mom says she was fortunate to go straight from breast milk to raw milk! This is one of many families I get to see grow in front of me! Not only do I see them I see mom, sometimes dad and grandparents! Thank you for your support of raw dairy and becoming part My Family Co-op with me! They recently moved this summer to Boston and I dearly miss them, I do get see grandma so she keeps me up-dated on them :)
I have seen one these little one's go from a bump in mom's tummy to healthy growing children thank you to the Ashburn family 
for supporting raw dairy and believing in me! 4 yrs drinking raw milk!

Connor and Vivian. Connor has been drinking a raw milk based formula since he was about a month old because mom could not breast feed and now currently drink raw milk straight. We had a mad scramble of research and then the trouble of finding raw milk then we found your delivery service you had at Hicks and when you left we came with you to My Family Co-Op we now can depend on a safe and healthy food for our family.
Thanks again